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Internships and work placement

An important aspect of learning at our university is work placement, where students get the opportunity to try out their future profession through internships and projects. This provides great opportunities for our students to establish contacts with future employers and build a network of contacts in the business world.


Several of the advanced level programmes at JIBS offer one semester of internship. At some of the bachelor programmes, an internship may replace one semester of studies abroad.

School located studies

During School Located Studies, the teacher education students leave the School of Education and Communication in order to spend a period of time in their future professional environment.The School of Education and Communication cooperates with over 1,000 schools and kindergartens and other employers in both the private and public sectors.

Work placement

Work placement is included in all programmes at the School of Health and Welfare and the School of Education and Communication. The School of Health and Welfare collaborates with approximately 360 hospital and health care departments and institutions.
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Industrial Placement Courses

The industrial placement course at the School of Engineering means that the students have a 5-10 week internship at a company, usually during the spring semester of the second year for undergraduate programmes or the autumn semester on the advanced level.

Student and companies create a suitable assignment together based on the company's needs, plans and prospects, as well as the student's skills and experience. The assignment must be approved by the course coordinator at the School of Engineering.
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In several courses at Jönköping University, students conduct projects in cooperation with companies. Here are some examples:

Technology, Economy and Design
World Solar Challenge