There is a rapidly growing literature on coproduction. We have chosen to share the resources and the reseach projects that the different Community of Practices are using. 

Peer-reviewed Publications

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Short videos

What is the evidence base for co-design? Who benefits?


How do patients and staff experience co-design in context of healthcare quality improvement?


Patients and staff as co-designers of healthcare services


What is experience-based co-design?

What is coproduction?

Investigators at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) and at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands are finishing a multi-year study to explore how the integration of social and healthcare service helps persons with congestive heart failure. Specifically, they looked at the ways in which these integrated (social and healthcare) services enhanced the coproduction of service. As part of the effort they produced this somewhat humorous introduction to the idea of "coproduction" using the making of a custom sandwich as a metaphor.

Reframing healthcare services through a coproduction lens.

Below, the RHeLaunCh team details their efforts to reframe healthcare services through the lens of coproduction by reflecting on what they had learned together--as "coproduction" investigators, as "integrated (social and healthcare) service" investigators, from patients and their families and from the different ways that payment works at the level of an individual person struggling with both their illness and their treatment burdens.

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