Value Creating Business Model

Purpose of this community of practice

To develop a business model for value creation from coproduced healthcare services that can be employed in operations and research for use in the assessment, improvement, and accountability of coproduction in healthcare systems.


Launched in June, 2019, we use a community of practice structure comprised of monthly virtual webinars and periodic in-person meetings. Facilitators guide participants in inquiry and discovery discussions aiming to articulate domains of a value creation self-assessment guide that can be pilot tested in healthcare systems. Domains of discussion follow a discovery learning cycle influenced by Fjeldstad's work on value creating architectures that includes the following themes: (1) preparation; (2) population and context; (3) value chain thinking; (4) value shop thinking; (5) facilitated networks; (6) interdependent system elements; and (7) product vs. service logic. A parallel research study (CO-VALUE) is associated with this community of practice and aims to develop a self-assessment guide for coproduction value creation, pilot test a qualitative version of the guide, and then develop and pilot test a quantitative measures set for coproduction value creation.

1) Co-production of healthcare service

2) Patient focused registries can improve health, care and science

3) Getting more health from healthcare: quality improvement must acknowledge patient coproduction


The Value Creation CoP is an international group from 4 countries (UK, USA, Israel, and Sweden) comprised of inter-professional teams including operations leaders, clinical leaders, finance leaders, and TIFKAP (individuals formerly known as patients) leaders. Eleven health systems are currently participating:

(1) Hennepin Healthcare, Minnesota, USA (;

(2) M Health Fairview, Minnestota, USA (;

(3) Maple City Healthcare Center, Indiana, USA (;

(4) Eskanazi Health, Indiana, USA (;

(5) Region Jönköping, Jönköping, Sweden (;

(6) Houston Housecalls Program, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA (;

(7) Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, New Hampshire, USA (;

(8) Sheba Hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel (;

(9) Clalit Medical Center and Hospitals (8 hospitals in multiple cities), Israel (

(10) East London National Health Service Foundation Trust, London, UK (

(11) New England Veterans Affairs Health System, Bedford, Massachusetts, USA (; and

(12) Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health System, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (

Study protocol

Oliver BJ, Batalden PB, DiMilia PR, et. al. COproduction VALUE creation in healthcare service (CO-VALUE) External link, opens in new window.. BMJ Open 2020;10:e037578. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-037578.


Please direct initial inquiries to Joy McAvoy at

Brant Oliver, lead facilitator:

Paul Batalden, facilitator

Rachel Forcino, research associate

Joy McAvoy, administrator


Oliver BJ, Batalden PB, Forcino RC, et al. for the ICoHN CO-VALUE study group investigators (2019, May 26-27). COproduction VALUE creation in healthcare service (CO-VALUE): An international multi-center mixed-methods research protocol for the exploration, articulation and assessment of a model of value creation in systems of coproduced healthcare services. Platform presentation at the 2019 IIAS Coproduction Study Group, Leuven, Belgium (

Develop a business model for value creation from coproduced healthcare services.