Health Professional Development

Learning how to coproduce healthcare services.

This community of practice, made up of resident physicians in Jönköping, Sweden, explores how to coproduce healthcare service. Key to the learning journey is ongoing work with a ‘learning partner’ -- a local community member with lived experience of chronic illness. Members progress, with their learning partners, through the steps of a learning cycle focused on building empathy, understanding the current state, incorporating science-informed practice, learning integrative thinking, and generalizing lessons learned.

In addition to the learning partners sometimes known as patients, several guests have intermittently joined the group to share their experiences and insights. Dr. Stephen Liu presented on ‘OurNotes,’ an innovation that facilitates coproduction by allowing patients to review doctors’ notes ahead of their appointments and providing a platform for patients to plan discussion topics for upcoming visits.

Detailed exploration of Dr. Frank Davidoff’s work on heterogeneity has fostered rich discussion within the group as learners grapple with the tension between standard processes and personalized solutions. Dr. Kasey Boehmer and colleagues’ I CAN tool has also sparked conversation as a resource for building empathy and understanding the resources and constraints individuals sometimes known as patients bring to healthcare services.

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