How should I present my High school documents?
I was conditionally admitted.

If you were conditionally admitted to a bachelor programme based on your unfinished high school documents, you must show the final High School Diploma / Upper Secondary Certificate and final grades when you arrive at Jönköping University.

You will not be allowed to register, and your admission will be cancelled if you cannot show the final documents, which are required to fulfill the entry requirements.

You need to bring your diploma/certificate and grades in original to Jönköping University.

Document language

If your school documents are issued in a language other than English, German, French, or one of the Nordic languages, you must also submit an official translation into English (in addition to the original documents) unless the special instructions below say otherwise.

Information about when and where to show these documents will be sent to you by e-mail and listed on this website this summer.

Special instructions for high schools from:

  • PR China – submit your diploma, school report, and entrance examination results
  • Vietnam – High school graduation certificate, provisional (tạm thời) if final not yet issued
  • USA (and US International high schools) – transcript must be submitted in a sealed envelope or directly from an official school administration e-mail to
  • France – Relevé de Notes du Baccalauréat is sufficient.
  • Italy - If you have not received your Esame di Stato, you must bring a document issued and signed by your school which confirms your results in the final examinations. The document must be officially translated if your school does not issue one directly in English.
  • Spain – a receipt showing that you have paid for your diploma to be issued is sufficient along with your final transcript. Translation is not required.